Friday, May 08, 2009

Garden Stuff

My garden is all in - and I am slinking from window to window trying to see if the gazillion rabbits that surround it are making headway. I saw one rabbit hop around the house with two brown thrashers and a scaled quail in tow. It looked like something out of a Disney movie. The rabbit didn't try to get in my garden though!

Bit worried about the ..... chipmunks? I see them tooling around and no way is my rabbit fence going to keep them out. Maybe they don't like mulch.

The garden doesn't look like too much yet. It's my attempt at a waffle garden. If you look at it (or well, a well formed one) from the top it looks like a waffle. The idea is to catch each bit of moisture possible. So far I have planted six Early Girl Tomatoes, two Sweet 100 tomatoes, six Sandia Peppers, and three Poblano Peppers. These are all seedlings. The other holes contain: sweet corn, pumpkins, watermelons, scallop squash, zucchini squash, yellow squash, onions, cucumbers and green beans. Those are all seed - or in the onions case, bulbs. I went back and put mulch on the seedlings.

Meanwhile, I have my eye on this cactus and two of it's friends. I am planning to liberate them from their desolate location and rehome them in my yard. They are quite wide!

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