Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Ongoing Melton Circus

A grand jury has now indicted Mayor Frank Melton on 5 felony charges. I expect they could have found more things to charge him with, had they added the incident at the bar into their investigations.

In one notable incident, the mayor appears to have directed a bunch of "youths" who travel with him to attack the house of a man who had been arrested on charges of drug paraphernalia. The destroyed the front of the rented duplex (its literally gone), broke things inside, broke out windows, etc. Neighbors agree this is what happened. Melton when asked about it did not deny it.

Outside his Jackson home the mayor was asked it he felt sorry for the destruction of Evans Welch's homes.

"No," said Melton. "Not if they are selling drugs out of it. And if we find some more people who are selling drugs out of their house there is no telling what will happen."

I find Mayor Melton's remarks to be rather chilling. No telling what will happen? The man thinks he is judge, jury, and executioner - and we need to get him in hand.

Now, don't get me wrong. This guy who was arrested - the one whose rented home was destroyed is no angel. He has a long rap sheet, and 20 or 30 arrests. However, that is not the point. Do we want the mayor to be able to decide, on his own, who is guilty of what, and what the punishment needs to be? Do we want him running around with a large group of men in their teens and early 20's - most if not all also have rap sheets. The group as a whole reminds me eerily of the sort of groups that participated in Germany's "Kristallnacht". If you don't know what that is, google it. People should know.

Many, Councilman Stokes is an example, defend the mayor, saying that he is doing what needs to be done to clean up drugs and crime. But I say it is NOT right to clean up crime by becoming a criminal. It is NOT right to use the police force as your own personal security team. It is NOT right to encourage minors to commit felonies. And it is NOT right to run the city with a campaign of fear and intimidation. And if you think it *is* right, you had better hope that the mayor doesn't get the idea that you are a problem. Right or wrong, no telling what might happen.

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